miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011


Each day I will take care of myself, but today I will think just of this day.

When I wake up I will think of the work I hope to get done to make my life better, but I will also think of things I can look forward to and enjoy in this day. I will plan at least one treat-time for myself, perhaps an hour to read a good novel, or making a phone call to a loved one, or spending time in the garden putting in flowers. I know that when I take good care of myself, physically and emotionally, that I am being kind to one of God's loved ones.

Today I will look after my health beginning from the first moments of the day. I will take time for a healthy breakfast, because I know this sets the pattern for my eating in a healthy way throughout the day. I will take a moment to plan lunch and supper, so I do not make unhealthy choices when I am over-hungry and rushed. I will also plan some exercise for myself that is just right for my present level of fitness. I will love myself for who I am right now. Perhaps I'll go for a half hour walk so I can also enjoy the outdoors. Tonight I will relax before bed and give myself enough sleep for the next day.

Today I will do my best to speak kindly and encouragingly to myself as well as others. Just as with everyone else in this world, I need this kindness to be at my best. I accept myself as I am because I know I am a good person, sincere, and I make an effort. If I make mistakes or can't get everything done, I will forgive myself easily and try again tomorrow. I will praise myself for everything I do well, and everything I try to do. I know that it is encouragement that will help me to grow as a person and be my best.

This day I will protect myself from harm. I won't cause harm to myself by treating myself badly or being harsh and judgmental. I won't let others do that to me, either. I'll protect myself from influences that make me feel bad about myself or discouraged or depressed.

At the end of this day I will give myself credit for a job well done. This day I did my best, whatever that was. Each day I practice taking care of myself, I will get better at it, so each day I practice, I am getting better. I will think of those things I enjoyed today and things I did well, and look forward to a new day tomorrow. I will remember the love my loved ones have for me, that I have for me, and that God has for me.