jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Cognitive Failures Questionnaire

If you are droping and bumping into everything and feeling totally clumsy like I feel today, you might want to read this

The more our minds are prone to these failures, the less protected we’ll be against these environmental dangers. To test people’s mental accident proneness, you can take the appropriately-named “Cognitive Failures Questionnaire”

See how you rate on these items:

1. Do you fail to notice signposts in the road

2. Do you bump into people?

3. Do you fail to notice people's names when you are meeting them?

4. Do you forget where you put something like a newspaper or book?

5. Do you find you forget appointments?

6. Do you drop things?

7. Do you fail to hear people speaking to you when you are doing something else?

8. Do you say something and realize afterwards that it might be taken as insulting?

The more you agree with these items, the more mentally accident-prone you are.

So you clumsy uh

Well, it's ok. Knowing your vulnerability can be the first step to bolstering yourself mentally against the possible psychological, if not physical, dangers in your environment.

Just try to be more careful, ok?