lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

El principio de ser feliz

All societies in the world, now and throughout all of human history, have been controlled by a small few:

The elites.

The primary objective of the elites is to achieve and maintain control over the masses. Sometimes they do this in a nice way, other times not so nice. There is usually nothing inherently evil about this control. It’s simply part of human nature.

Under any political system, be it free market capitalism, corporatism, quasi-socialism, real socialism, communism, oligarchy, monarchy, or a dictatorship, you’ll always have a small group of elites ruling over everyone else in some form or fashion. It’s human nature and unavoidable.

In order to maintain the power they have over the masses, the elites do their best to manipulate the thought processes of the people in a way most conducive to keeping the people organized, obedient, and docile. The more people in a society like that, the easier it is for the elites to maintain their power.

The elites need you to do things like obey, conform, consume, vote, and fear. Your personal happiness is nowhere in there. They’d actually prefer you'd be docile or angry (at the right people) than happy.

This means the elites’ goal of continued power and your goal of long-term happiness are mutually exclusive. You cannot be long-term happy if you follow the elites’ program. Either you follow the agenda of the elites and be happy sometimes or never, or you reject the agenda and achieve long-term happiness. There is no third option.